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Bethania Gift Day, 2022 

Sunday February 27th, 2022.

Dear friends at Bethania,

First of all, thank you for taking the time to link to this message and thank you all for your encouragement, prayer and support for the ministry of the church over so many years.

As 2022 unfolds we continue to pray for Jesus Christ to build his church in Leeswood. The winter has passed, the spring is approaching. We believe that Bethania is facing a season of new growth and that we can receive for Leeswood the promise of the Lord through the prophet Isaiah ‘See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?’ 43:19. In the light of this we are exploring:

  • running two Life Groups before Easter to encourage those that are new to Bethania
  • growing and developing our worship leading provision and
  • running an Alpha-time course for our new contacts  

To take a step of faith towards the realisation of this vision,  the deacons are inviting us all as the family of Bethania to take part in an act of faith and worship. 

We invite you to contribute to a gift day to enable us to expand our mission.

Whatever money is raised will firstly go towards upgrading the chapel's electrics where needed and associated works.  

Secondly, we would be using the money raised for mission to our community and beyond. And as a thank offering we will give 10% of all gifts received to world mission.

The gift day will be held on Sunday 27 February.  If you wish to participate, that would be greatly appreciated.  One-off direct debits can be made to Bethania’s account by BACS bank transfer. Alternatively, you could give by cheque or cash in an envelope clearly marked ‘gift day.

For BACS details or address details, please email:
or text: 07561 679317

The diaconate would be grateful if all of us at Bethania could give some thought and prayer to this over this. Thanks for your help, and God bless in 2022!

May the Lord continue to build His church in our village, district and the world and may we play our part. Matthew 16:18 ‘I will build my church, and the gates of hades will not overcome it.’!

The Diaconate,
Bethania Leeswood